Intra-Oral Camera

An Intra-Oral Camera enables dental records to be captured instantly from within the deepest, most seemingly inaccessible recesses of your mouth. They can greatly assist in providing an enhanced perspective and analysis of dental condition.

The camera is comprised of a small probe that can easily be moved around the inside of your mouth and provides you with a tooth by tooth examination of the teeth.

Combined with an ability to assess the individual case on a screen, which both dentist and patient are able to view, the degree of understanding of the issues at hand is vastly increased. In turn, this allows us to provide you with a deeper understanding of the measures which can be taken to treat, prevent and maintain your oral health for the future. Advice from us can be better comprehended, and our assessment ability is improved immeasurably.

Is an Intra-Oral Camera safe?

Intra-Oral Cameras are a safe and up-to-date dental tool of great value in terms of both functionality and effectiveness.

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